Oh Venice!!

What to say about Venice? Well, I have no words. Wow wow wow!

Since I can remember I wanted to visit Venice. There are no cars in the city what makes everything much quieter. The best way to move in the city its by boat or by foot. We walked through Venice from one side to the other. Between canals and narrow streets we stayed in this beautiful city almost two days.

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon, we still managed to enjoy what was left of the day. We walked on the Grand Canal and passed the Rialto Bridge. We climbed to the rooftop of Tfondaco. (hint: access to the rooftop is free, but reservation is required in advance).

Then we walked to Plazza di San Marco. Here you can find the main attractions of the city: St. Mark’s Basilica, Clock Tower, Doge’s Palace and Campanile di San Marco. We finished the day eating pizza along the Grand Canal. It was delicious!

The next day was the most filled. We woke up early. On this day we went up to the Campanile di San Marco and visited the Doge’s Palace. We continue through streets and canals until the Scala Cantarini of Bolovo. After climbing all the stairs we arrive at a viewpoint where we have another perspective of the city. We also passed by the famous bookstore: Libreria Acqua Alta. We booked the afternoon to go to Burano, but I will leave this site for another post.

I was sure to want to go back to Venice, maybe at a Carnival. For now, I leave you with the photographs of this wonderful city.

Click above image to see full.

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